Brand History

log├│tipo antigo

We must start from the beginningSIBINA = Silva + Albina

This company was born from the strength of a couple that wanted to become much more successful in their married life. In order to attest the quality of their products to the market, the founders hired Mr. Caetano, accountant of profession but a graphic arts enthusiast, to develop a logo tailored to their business.

Where does SIBINA come from?

Some companies have secrets behind their backgrounds that give them some mysticism; in our case many people wonder about the origins of our name and it couldn’t be simpler… We do everything to be closer to the customer and this proximity is included on the company’s name – hidden on the word SIBINA – since it’s inspired by the founders’ names: it’s the agglomeration of Mr. Ant├│nio’s family name prefix – Silva – and his wife’s first name suffix – Albina. The organization carries their values to the final consumer forever – it’s a relationship compromised with their satisfaction.

Time moves fast, we got to move with it.

Now you know about the origins. However, brands are living beings and so they need to evolve and adapt; that way we rebranded the product brand to lead the company to a new era in which the customer-company relationship is closer, easier and more productive than ever.
That’s how SIBINA&YOU emerged.

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