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That the reason we develop, manufacture and sell household chores facilitators. To make your day easier is our concern.



To create value through an efficient product enhanced with quality, ergonomics, and an appealing design.


To provide all the cleaning tools families need to save time for their loved ones.



Sustainability, Quality, Innovation, Openness, Ambition, Security

Why to work with Sibina?

Top suppliersof the Iberian wholesale market

Experience and know-how;

Flexibility product

Quick answer;

Labeling process assistance

Distribution brands' production

Ease in the export process.






production area

Identifying the need

We search in the market for new trends and the growing needs - through the middleman and the customer - to facilitate the domestic life of all homes.

Developing the Answer

Our customers' needs are treated as priorities. So, together with you, we develop product, packaging, labeling, and store shelves responses.

Extrusion, Injection and Filling

We work from raw to the final product. Each component is produced by us to guarantee the final quality we aim for.

Shipping logistics

We have our own vehicles for distribution and our facilities allow the reception of several vehicles simultaneously, still, we have agreements with carriers to deliver our products to you.

We are history. 

two lives, one opportunity

Our story is linked to the life of António Silva and Albina Santos, the founders.
In the early days of their marriage the couple had a normal routine until a friend, wich happens to be a broom manufacturer, ignited a partnership with them. Using their free time to sell his product, they marked their presence on some of the most well known popular markets around the country realizing the potential of the opportunity they had in hands.

431D | Espanador Direito Master | Azul

turning point

In 1987, they decided to purchase their first broom filling machine and to employ the operators who had the know-how for its proper functioning. Because their own manufacture has begun, a new season has started and the doors were opened for a strong commitment to product quality and the inherent promotion of its own brand - SIBINA - which, even today, identifies and differentiates our products on the market.

os mesmos valores, uma nova visão

Pedro Silva - the partner, manager, and son of the founders - is now the CEO and brought a competitive spirit to the family business. If we join this new management style together with a new market vision, we found the base that motivates some of the investments that make the firm's business volume grow, transporting it into an international reality.
Surge, assim, a SIBINA – HOME PARTNERS ®.


our quality, your brand!

Does your customer loyalty strategy involve your brand? Our structure is prepared to manufacture private labeled products or/and adapt some of the product features!

Sibina And You

Every consumer is looking for quality products at a reasonable price, so for every household task, there is a SIBINA AND YOU™ solution waiting to help!

DONA ESFREGONA™ is a product brand developed to the consumer looking for elegance, quality, and effectiveness in their wet cleaning utensils.

Antibacterial Wet Mop

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