The Power of Microfiber

Microfiber is top of mind when we think about effective cleaning.

Microfiber started to be sold on the consumer market in the early 90s, made of synthetic fibers is one of the materials developed at the golden age to the research and technological development.
The diameter of each fiber is about 100 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Natural fibers have cylindrical shapes but this compound has a “snowflake” configuration – that gives it the power to absorb and retain liquids up to 8 times its weight – it is also capable of rapid drying. Due to their microscopic size, microfiber products leave no lint on their way and can penetrate into grooves that natural fibers cannot.
It has a positive electrical charge due to its synthetic composition, which will facilitate people to clean up dust without spreading it.
If on one hand, these products are not biodegradable, on the other, they require no more than water for effective cleaning and own and incredible durability – they keep all their properties intact even after several washes.
The softness of this material gives it the ability to clean sensitive surfaces – such as a camera lens.

Microfiber products generally have several colors available. It is therefore advisable that the different areas of the home be identified with a specific color, thus avoiding unnecessary contamination.

Product Usage

how to use this kind of material

Microfiber cloths have a positive electrical charge that wipes out dust without spreading making this the perfect product to clean your furniture.

To clean flat and grooved surfaces such as terrazzo or parquet floors is easier with our microfiber mops.

Microfiber cloth softness is the best ally for the ones who desire shiny car paint.

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